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Welcome to Cyberspace Studios!

Hi, welcome to Cyberspace Studios! We are currently in development of the upcoming free online action role playing game, Song of the Seikilos. Please feel free to join our community, and if you are able to offer your skills we would love to have you on our team! We are currently seeking 3D modelers of all sorts, texture artists, and musicians. Cyberspace Studios is a community, not a company, so if you join you will be working with other people who treat you as a fellow volunteer and not a resource to be exploited. However, keep in mind that means you aren't going to be compensated with payment like you would be in a company :-} But fear not, for while you won't be earning a salary you will be building friendships with a team of great guys and getting experience in the world of game creation. Click on the "forum" link above and read around to find out more!

Oh, BTW check out forumotion.com if you feel the need to make a forum...