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PostSubject: Character Ideas   Character Ideas I_icon_minitimeTue May 14, 2013 1:39 pm

I tried to come up with some simple looks for the characters that would be low poly and offer some different looks based on character tier. These are just very, very simple ideas trying to get the look down. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or anything in general to say, please do. I'm a terrible artist so try not to focus too much on that :p I ask that you look towards color choices and design features. If someone here is a decent artist, it would be cool if you could make them look better or to come up with some concepts of your own.

I tried to make the characters grow a little bit based on tier so that there would be some diversity when you have multiple models on the screen, and i wanted you to feel powerful if you got to a high tier so you are larger than others on your team. I tried to keep the dwarves short, but still blocky looking so they look solid and strong when compared to the elves. The low tier would most likely be laborers such as miners or lumber jacks, so I made them look as if they are dressed in normal clothes. They have cloth and leather material, and maybe some metal for support while they are doing hard labor. The next tier is the warriors and fighters. I made him look like a gladiator so he seems intimidating and rough. I made him asymmetrical to try and add to that feeling that he is a brute and he is dangerous. The high tier character is a fully enclosed knight or something similar. They guard the king and are loyal and devoted. They are the largest tier and heavily armored with emphasis on the shoulders to increase their visual strength.

Character Ideas Dwarf-10

The elves are taller and more slender than the dwarves, but I still bulked them up a bit as they increase through the tiers. All of the elves have earthy colors so they would blend into their surroundings and they are more plainly dressed than the dwarves. The low tier is most likely a scout or hunter so they are just dressed in plain cloth. The mid tier elf is more of a rogue or assassin type, wearing leather and cloth for increased combat performance. The high tier elf is a royal guard or something similar, they have a cloak and are very neatly put together. They are the tallest and strongest tier.

Character Ideas Elf-lo11
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PostSubject: Re: Character Ideas   Character Ideas I_icon_minitimeWed May 15, 2013 10:18 am

The problem I see with this is this would mean essentially a class change every time you tier-up. My original idea (which can of course be changed) had a variety of elves on one side, each a different class which tier up to simply better versions of themselves, and an assortment of gnomes and dwarves and goblins on the other side which also have different classes and upgrade to better versions of the class.

Like, you can be a Gnome Engineer which at tier one has a wrench and can build a couple things, and at tier two has a hammer and can build more things but is still a Gnome Engineer.

I do love the idea of them being bigger and more visually distinct (perhaps the Dark Elven Assassin could actually get SMALLER to be sneakier) but in my opinion I think they should stay the same class, but just become better and more visually interesting.

Character Ideas NSrsC

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Character Ideas
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