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PostSubject: Minecraft Modeling   Minecraft Modeling I_icon_minitimeFri May 10, 2013 7:37 pm

Here are a few tips for modeling for the game in Minecraft.

1. Use separate blocks for each object. For example, you might use stone blocks for the landscape and dirt blocks for a man castle structure. When you export the file, each block type will be a separate object. This way you can model buildings and other major features into the terrain but can prepare and export each separately, conserving processing resources.

2. Remember that we are working at a double scale. In Minecraft, one block is one is one voxel. In our game, four blocks put together are one voxel. Note that at the moment the character models have not been created.

3. Use Mineways to export your creation to a .obj and then convert to a .ase from your modeling software.

4. Objects like trees and weapons will be scaled for use so feel free to make them any level of detail you wish so long as they retain a voxel art style.

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Minecraft Modeling
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