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 [2/08/2013] - A Few Updates

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PostSubject: [2/08/2013] - A Few Updates   Fri Feb 08, 2013 9:52 am

+ The sub-forums referring to Alteria Online have been changed to refer to Song of the Seikilos.

+ Everyone say hello to Iceddragon!

+ Hawkfriend has said he will try to return if time allows.

+ We have decided to use the Hero Engine for Song of the Seikilos instead of the Unreal Development Kit.

+ The new wiki for the Final Songs universe can be found here. It is mostly empty for the moment, however.

+ Some of the wonderful and talented people at Christianmanga.com (of which I am a member) have agreed to make us promotional concept art. I have seen some of the rough outlines, and I am optimistic about the results.

Thanks for reading!


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[2/08/2013] - A Few Updates
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