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 9/20/11--Okay, The REAL First Things We Need to Do :P

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9/20/11--Okay, The REAL First Things We Need to Do :P Empty
Post9/20/11--Okay, The REAL First Things We Need to Do :P

All right people, I think I may have finally figured out the very first steps we need to take!

1) We need a Server and Client, probably written in C++.

2) We will make perhaps three towns, a dungeon, a mining camp, and connector maps.

3) We will add a few basic items like standard health, mana, and stamina potions; a couple weapons and armor; and maybe a steak.

4) We will add a few resources, perhaps iron, wood, and flowers. They are randomly spawned on a map when you enter it.

5) We will add maybe 4 different monsters, and a boss for the dungeon.

6) We will add the combat system basics and a couple preset classes (without making the structure for creating the class; this would just be a read-to-use product)

7) We will add maybe three quests (a go-here-and-talk-to-this-person quest, a kill-this quest, and a complete-the-dungeon quest) to test out questing.

Cool We will add a chatbox and a party system.

9) That is all.

This is much easier said than done, but this way we can just make a very basic program that can be called a 'game' to test out ourselves just to get a basic idea of how the finished product will be, that we can just add to or remake.

If you wanted to go completely barebones, we could even do this:

1) We need a Server and Client, probably written in C++.

2) We will make two towns and a connector map.

3) We could add one resource (flowers) that randomly spawns when you enter a map, and is just harvested by clicking.

4) We will add a chatbox and party system.

5) We will add a rabbit with extremely low stats that can be fought by stepping on it or hitting it.

9/20/11--Okay, The REAL First Things We Need to Do :P NSrsC

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9/20/11--Okay, The REAL First Things We Need to Do :P :: Comments

I say we add the rabbit anyway. >.<' ..wish i could help with any of this.. maybe i can do concept art of all that needs it (places, monsters and armor/weapons, etc.?..)I don't think a storyline is needed yet so ye.

And i'll be honest here , do not ask me for a name.. for pretty much anything.. its one of the things i can't do at all..naming stuff ..lol.Unless you want lame names.

Rabbits are too cute to be killed albino . Use something less cute like a toad. So far I like the list you have up there Cyber, but I was wondering for the chat part can anyone chat or is there a specfic age or membership requirement.
I don't know... But if I had to guess I would say that you would have to be 13 or older to do normal chat, with things like guild chat added later. IDK.
I like the second option better than the first, but either way at least we're getting somewhere. =)
how about starting with the second and seeing how far we can get it to be like the first o.O.And i stick to using bunnies, toads would be too small, unless they're giant toads which would take away some of the fun.And maybe when we get ALOT further in the game making killing a bunny would give evil points (but not alot ofcourse).Cuz only evil people would kill them o.o

9/20/11--Okay, The REAL First Things We Need to Do :P

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