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Hello everyone! We have a few items to go over today.

First, everyone say hi to our two new modelers... Samulis and Adamh3. Adam will be working on Kanga's RTS, and Samulis will be working on the zombie survival game. Yours truly will also attempt to take up modeling.

Also, Hawkfiend (our other admin) is returning to the forum from his vacation. He told me yesterday he would try to come back today, and I shall badger him until he goes insane if he doesn't. However, he did mention he will be stepping down from his position as a modeler to focus on coding. This will probably...
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A lot has happened in the past few weeks.

The forum has been reorganized and some parts renamed.

Kanga is working on navbars so we can look more official.

Soon Kenichi will be done with a simple Flash game we can put on here.

We have decided on a 2D top-down zombie game as a preliminary project.

We got a 3D modeler to help Kanga with RTS stuff.

It is Ken-san's birthday today, and Hawk's birthday tomorrow!

Looking ahead...

Kanga said he would host a Minecraft server for us personally, and then...
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All right peoples, how have your lives been lately? School and work has really taken its toll on our activity, hasn't it? Well, it is now time to get back in business. I have acquired a copy of Microsoft Project, a professional management program. Using it, I can wrestle a schedule together and make a plan for what we need to do, and map out the whole project. (For your information, everyone working on AO is now considered an 'expendable resource ;P) For the moment, we will each have a small goal to work on. We simply complete each small goal, and it builds up. When we have more people we can work...
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Slightly new stuff on the forum. You can access the 'real' homepage by hitting the Frontpage link on the home bar. On the Frontpage, there is now a brief welcome and a Paypal donate button. So if any kindhearted people happen to want to donate to the cause, they have a secure and easy way to do it.

Side note: I spent three hours yesterday watching Unreal Development Kit tutorials... My knowledge is coming along slowly ^_^ All I can really do right now, technically speaking, is make a level that opens a castle gate, run an elevator, and stuff like that, but that's a start at least.
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So, people, how's it going? Gotten killed by any rothes lately? Okay, enough small talk.

I've got good news and bad news. Which do you want first? The good news? Well, you always were a cheerful bunch…

But anyway!

Good news: I MAY have found a way for us to get as much funding as we need. It depends. We would definitely need to get a coherent, over-arching storyline together for AO, and get our tech demo made, etc. But just like hundreds of others who worked hard and had it paid off, we would have a good shot at getting our funding.

Bad news: The site...
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Well, you've heard it before but...

At the end of the month (in ten days) National Novel Writing Month will be over and we can start on our tech demo.

We have started to add the AO backstory to the Alteria Online page on the home bar.

Kanga is coming along very well with the new forum theme. Everyone vote and show your opinion. And congratulate Kanga.

Hawk will... Soon... make a logo for Alteria Online and one for Cyberspace Studios. So woot.

So clap and applaud and eat popcorn and scoff pizza and do whatever the heck you do in your free time....
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Cyberkyd FINALLY got a new, shiny, 64-bit, 8g RAM computer. It can even run Minecraft without lag! Very Happy

But more importantly, the Unreal Development Kit works flawlessly on it. Meaning we can actually make our games now.

Bad news time: To make an IOS app we need to get a $99 license. So The End can't be our first project.

So, Hawk and I were considering making an FPS for our first game. It could be a prequel to AO, with the player being a soldier when the Archfiend comes to Earth...
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Since we are hoping to be developing two games almost simultaneously, we are considering making this site www(dot)Cyberspacestudios(dot)forumotion(dot)com. Then we will divide the forum into Dev, Community, AO, and THE END sections. The forum would have its own page, and other parts of the site such as pages for each game, etc. would be on HTML pages. The portal would be removed. What do you all think?

As a side note, Hawk is working on making a Cyberspace Studios logo, and some headers :-)
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As I am sure you have realized at this point, we have a Dev Blog, because certain unnamed pinwheels have been subtly hinting for a while that we need one. I do see the good of it. At the very least it will let you all know that, even if we Staff have not been on in a while, we are still with you!

Also, it allows us to recap what we have done each week, which may actually be nothing, but is still a handy method of putting out in space any progress we happen to have made. I'm not exactly sure if this blog will be as useful as certain unnamed pinwheels think it will be, but here we are....
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Well, this week we didn't have too much progress. :-( Well, here goes anyway...

THIS WEEK'S PROGRESS: I recruited two musicians from my online school, who should be able to help us with some really awesome music. As soon as a few minor kinks get worked out...

NEXT WEEK'S GOALS: Actually get something useful done. Possibly finish the new theme for the forum. Have Hawkfriend back from Camp Good News. Not yawn.

WEEKLY QUESTION FOR THE COMMUNITY: Can you PLEASE comment if you read this? Actually, the 'real' community question is: What do you think a cool, original...
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I was in the process of trying to make a forum theme (finally) with the font that we had used for the header, but... I looked at the license and it may not be used in conjunction with any commercial enterprise. AKA we can't use it because we hope to make at least a little bit of money. So, I had to make a new header in Photoshop... It stinks. Really bad. And the rest of the temporary theme I had to put up looks even worse... *sigh* Id I can convince Hawk to make a good header then I will make the rest of the theme around that, but until then we are stuck with a half-finished site :-(

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All right people, I think I may have finally figured out the very first steps we need to take!

1) We need a Server and Client, probably written in C++.

2) We will make perhaps three towns, a dungeon, a mining camp, and connector maps.

3) We will add a few basic items like standard health, mana, and stamina potions; a couple weapons and armor; and maybe a steak.

4) We will add a few resources, perhaps iron, wood, and flowers. They are randomly spawned on a map when you enter it.

5) We will add maybe 4 different monsters, and a boss for the dungeon.
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As you probably knew, yesterday was the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Let us have a moment of silence.

Now... I will begin.

On modern Earth, the inevitable happened. World War III. But it was instigated by stealthy and subtle measures... Instigated by the Archfiend and his minions, the Fiends. Ok, let's back up a bit...

On another planet, many years ago, there existed many creatures. There also existed a powerful energy force that imbued some of the vegetables, minerals, and other parts of the planet. There were many kinds of energy, each unique. But they could all...
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As you may have noticed, the title has absolutely NOTHING to do with the content of this post. Now moving on to the actual content.

Hawkfriend and I had a very serious meeting over pizza and iced tea in which (the meeting, not the iced tea) we came to some decisions for AO. As you may have realized at some point, it is very taxing on both computers and bandwidth alike to have a completely open world such as in Runescape or World of Warcraft (Down with Blizzard Entertainment!) which prevent many people from playing.

We are now planning on having AO broken up into separate maps....
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As you may have noticed, our forums have sort of slowed down lately. So that you don't think we are abandoning you all, here's a bit of info:

We can't actually start the creation process until we get a better computer, and so we are waiting for Hawkfriend to get a better PC, which he hopefully will soon. Thank you, that is all.

Oh yeah, thanks Kanga for the great forum suggestions! We will be reorganizing the forum according to your suggestions soon.
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Well, I have tried to stay away from this subject as much as possible, but we really are getting to the point where we have no choice... :-(

There is one major problem with our plan: It requires money. How does it require money? Well, here are a few areas:

1) We REALLY need to get a computer custom-made or just really graphically competent to use for AO's production.
2) We will need to pay for some advertising.
3) We may need to hire some people/get premium software/purchase 3D models.
4) We will need to pay for a server to host AO.

These are some...
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